Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

$ 250.00

Initial Nutrition Assessment

This is where I get to know you, and your lifestyle choices. A review of the food, supplements, medications, and mindset, are discussed. Then you and I identify and set a clear goal that you’ll be able to achieve, based on your individual needs, and taste bud desires. 

What to expect:
Review of Current Food Flow
: We discuss the timing and types of foods you’ve been eating, including cravings you may be experiencing, and solving why they’re present.
Nutrition Assessment:  which identifies what types of foods are best that will help you achieve your goals
Stress & Lifestyle assessment: Identifying repeated stressors in your life can assist in gaining clarity on why certain health and hormone imbalances may be occurring
Lab Panels: A review of labs which were run within 4 months, and recommendations for supplements, herbs or condensing supplements, as well as identifying supplements that you may be getting too much of. Additional labs may be recommended during this time.

Benefits you’ll receive
Clear understanding on the direction you need to go for your goals to be achieved
List of Foods that is suited to your individual needs

Options: There is no additional charge for the services listed below. However, if you’ve signed up for a phone consult, or Skype, I won’t be able to perform these.
Blood Pressure
Body Composition Measurements
Hips, waist and thigh Measurements
Skin assessment
Hair assessment

Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Fee: $250. (Phone or Skype consultations are available)