Wedding Ready Nutrition & Fitness

                                                      By LoRayne Haye M.S. / C.N.



June is the most popular month for weddings in America. Which means thousands of brides to be are now counting down the days -- and stressing over how to look their very best during that most sacred of ceremonies.

According to a study from Cornell University, more than 70 percent of women want to lose weight before their wedding day. However, to reach the perfect wedding-day weight, more than one-third of them use extreme tactics such as diet pills and extreme fasting. As a nutrition professional I am here to tell you those measures don’t work and in the long run will make losing weight as you get older much more difficult. While most of us buy clothes that fit, about one in seven brides-to-be will purchase a bridal gown that is one or more dress sizes smaller than she normally wears. This added stress could be alleviated with better planning.

The one item that will not fade over time is your wedding day pictures. Certainly, all brides want to look their very best and with a few simple guidelines, you can too.

  1. Plan ahead: Do not wait till the last minute to find a personal trainer & nutritionist. Interview several and avoid ‘extreme philosophies’ on training & eating. You don’t have to starve yourself or do a boot camp for 2 hours a day in order to lose weight or tone up. Remember nutrition is 80% of it, and the remaining yet very important 20% is the fitness end of it.
  2. Stress Busting: Planning a wedding is stressful, and there is no better release than exercise, so make it a priority. If 20 minutes is the time allotment you have, then don’t skip it. Use that 20 minutes to pull out your Yoga mat or go for a power walk. It’s what you do day in & day out that adds up to pounds lost---or gained-- and stress levels being contained or skyrocketing.
  3. Don’t Skip Meals or Snacks: Both will add up to low blood sugar, irritability and over eating at the end of the day, which is when your meals need to be lighter. Additionally, high & low blood sugar swings contribute to weight gain, PMS, Peri-Menopause and overall hormone imbalance. In the end, your body will perceive that it is being starved and gain the weight back.

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