“LoRayne is without a doubt one of the most amazing nutritionists and health and wellness experts on the planet!!!” Dr. Zannah Hackett CEO The Y.O.U. Group


“One of the best parts of working at Cal-a-Vie spa, was being able to sit at your desk and chat and try to absorb even a micro bit of your vast knowledge. “
Terry Abeyta San Diego, California--Former Marketing Director Cal-a-Vie Spa

 "LoRayne is by far one of the best nutrition professionals I've worked with. Her approach with patients/clients is always through compassion and meeting them where they are--that's how she gets results for the people she works with. 

Paula Shaw author of “Grief-When will this pain ever end."http://www.paulashaw.com

 “LoRayne is a consummate professional and truly proficient in all things nutrition! She also walks her talk and is a living testimonial of a healthy lifestyle. Her passion is radiant and will excite and ignite you on your way to optimum living.”

Natalie Maisel Houston, Texas--Founder of The Goddess Gatherings