Juice This!



I've been a big fan of juicing for years, including teaching juicing classes for over 25 years, when it wasn't all the rage. Thankfully, America has embraced the concept, with many even loving the 'green' juices ( aka Star Trek Juice). In my juicing class I'll cover what veggie combinations are best suited for specific health conditions and the organs they target. We'll cover herbs and whole vs. tincture, as well as things to consider when purchasing a juicer, and who has the best deals on them. For more info please email LoRayne at: lorayne@eating-4-energy.com

Juice Class
Time: 4 Hours
Fee: $50. per person *Group of 6  needed

Individual class
Time: 2 Hours
Fee: $100. per person * 1 person only

Still not sure about attending a juice class, watch my Juicing video below--Enjoy!