How to Make a Great Smoothie

Smoothies have become a go to for many people that are on the run these days. And why not? Since they're a tasty and convenient source of nourishment.  Indeed, there does seem to be a store on every corner, offering smoothies. However, one thing to be mindful of is keeping these drinks balanced, otherwise they will turn into 'speeding blood sugar bullets, which can equate to fatigue, lack of concentration, and weight gain. And that's a short list.


In my Smoothie classes I'll explain how to make a great tasting and balanced smoothie, that wont put you into a tail spin. Rather it will assist you in creating sustainable energy. We'll cover fruit combinations for their specific healing qualities, herbs and their target organs, which protein powders are best suited, Omega-3 oils, and which blenders work best. For more info ro to schedule a class please email::

Still not sure about a class, watch my Smoothie video below: