A Word on Juicing and Detoxing


First of all let me begin by saying that doing a water fast, or if you’ve been lured into doing the Master Cleanse (with lemon, maple syrup, & cayenne pepper), neither of these holds any benefit for promoting ‘true and complete detoxification.” If anything it’s counterproductive, because the body needs protein to produce the enzymes needed for detoxification, and desperately needs Sulphur, and the Sulphur containing amino acids Methionine, Cysteine, and Glutathione. By the way, this is a short list, but these are the leaders of the pack, and the tools your body will need to get onto the detoxification pathway.

What gets horribly underestimated is the role whole fresh food plays in detoxification. For those who’ve been consuming primarily processed junk food, transitioning over to the real stuff can provide good detoxification. The fiber which is contained in whole fruits and veggies is an extremely valuable tool, which helps open up the detox pathways in the liver and colon. Locked away within these beautiful gems of colorful produce are enzymes which help activate antioxidants and a whole array of other valuable nutrients, that you’re body needs, in order to be in the energy zone daily. As time goes on I’ll add more on this site, to the area of ‘true and complete detoxification,’ but for now this is a good foundation for all of you to begin with.

 Below is a list of questions I often get asked regarding juicing and the role it plays in detoxing. 

Detoxification FAQ’s

Does juicing actually permit detoxing?
LH: “Great question—it depends. For many juicing can create a pathway which will allow the body to eliminate stored toxins. Especially if you’re drinking green based juices—think kale, parsley, dandelion greens et al, because they carry high amounts of Sulfur which opens up detox pathways within the liver ( phase 1 & phase II), therefore permitting the release of toxins. Yet each person will get a different result based on what type of food they’ve been eating junk vs. whole fresh food, medications and OTC meds, along with what type of environmental toxins they’ve come in contact with. Additionally, if you’ve suffered from constipation, many who do juicing have experienced relief.


How often should I juice?
LH: Another great question, and with that being said, it depends on if your body is ready to do more than one day. For most the answer is start at one day, and concentrate on eating fresh whole foods the other 6 days and you’ll be in good standing for promoting your body to release more through the detoxification channels. Of which there are four major ones; the liver, skin, colon, and lungs. You’ll also avoid what’s called a ‘Herkimer response’ or what is often called a 'cleansing response.' The symptoms can be rather unpleasant and include, nausea, severe muscle and joint pain, alternating constipation and diarrhea. An unfortunate experience indeed, but this happens because the body has been forced to let go of too many toxins too soon, and without giving it the tools it needs to rid the toxins out of the body pronto. So the toxins go ‘systemic’ and recirculate into the blood, making the owner of the body feel like crap (under statement I know). My recommendation to anyone would be to take it slow, and develop knowledge of what types of food are good for your individual needs and you’ll be putting your best foot forward and onto the pathway of vibrant health. Also, juicing can be part of a 'food based' program too.

Will I lose weight if I juice?  
LH: It depends. If you’re one of the many out there who are the proud owners of a damaged metabolism then no most likely you won’t. However, in the beginning you’ll lose a tremendous amount of water weight, which your scale will reflect as ‘weight loss,’ but I assure you this will be fleeting, and in the end you’ll aggravate your body’s set point once again and the lost weight will find you---once again. So how does one acquire a damaged metabolism? By going long stretches without eating, or exercising and not getting the foods or amount of food you need to support your energy expenditure. Additionally, meal plans (aka diets) too low in good fats and proteins, are most definitely an equation for disaster. Furthermore, for those who’ve thought they were doing their body a favor by limiting the amount of food you’ve taken in daily have done a great disservice to your health. So if any of those scenarios sounds familiar, you’ve got a damaged metabolism, and you’re amongst friends—a whole nation of them. The fact is you’ve got to eat in order to lose weight. Yes, please do read that again. The body does best with regular intervals of food coming in every few hours.  For those who’ve really dug themselves a self-inflicted metabolic ditch, the time intervals need to be even tighter, 2-3 hours and no more in-between meals and snacks.  So once again my recommendation would be this; figure out what your goal is, and begin to understand what types of foods are best suited for your individual needs and goal(s), and then combine a whole foods plan with veggie based juices.


LoRayne Haye M.S. C.N. is one of the leading experts in true detoxification and digestive health. She has lead juice retreats, and taught juicing classes for the past 20 years. Her latest article "Creating Inner Harmony: The Path Towards Optimal Digestion," was published in 2015, and featured an interview with Dr. Liz Lipski, noted integrative nutritionist who authored the ground breaking book "Digestive Wellness, and now in the 4th revised edition. LoRayne's contact info is below

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Creating Inner Harmony: The Path Towards Optimal Digestion By LoRayne Haye M.S.C.N.

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