Massive Fraud found in Organic Certification Agencies


For over a decade "Authentic Organic Certification" has been a topic of concern among professionals in the health & wellness industry. Being on the inside track I remember hearing numerous stories from insiders, that questioned how valid the certification process was, with experts in the food and Ag sectors confirming everyone’s worst fears---that organic certification is not always what it appears. However, last May, the Washington Post ran a tell all article that splayed organic certification agencies wide open—and pinned them with massive fraud. Although the article centered around the import of grains being fraudulently certified as ‘organic,’ when in fact they were anything but. The lid was finally blown off, and it was deemed that across all sectors of produce and grains, fraud was taking place. Meanwhile, the public got a hold of that intel and leaned in on the Organic Trade Association (OTA), who was then forced to come up with a viable plan of action.  According to Gwendolyn Wyard, the VP of regulatory affairs for OTA:

The Global Organic Supply Chain Integrity Task Force is now “off and running,” with over 30 member companies, making it the largest task force OTA has ever created. She said it represents all sectors of the industry, including manufacturers, retailers, certifiers, brokers and farmers.”

Hopefully this long overdue task force will come alive—grow organic legs and we consumers will actually be able to purchase authentic organic food, that’s credibly certified.

Washington Post Article:


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