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I get asked a lot of questions, and one of the more common is “How good are energy drinks for me?” Well, if you’re stressed out one of the last things you need is more caffeine. Especially if you’re having trouble sleeping, because the caffeine will take already interrupted sleep wake patterns to whole new and very awful level. Additionally, when you’re stressed the adrenal glands are also working overtime, and caffeine will force them to really put the pedal to the metal. So when you came down from that caffeine high, you’ll come down harder, and in no time you’ll begin to need more than just one can of the stuff to feel ‘energized.’

 According to Dr.Webb, author of "The Truth About Energy Drinks," you may want to consider the following:

A 24 oz. can of Monster or Red Bull contains 300 mg of Caffeine

An 8-oz. cup of coffee contains 100 mg. of caffeine

Consumer Reports tested 16 Energy Drink products, and found that five contained 20% more caffeine that their labels stated

30-50% of adolescents and young adults consume energy drinks—this is the demographic that companies market to

The FDA regulates beverage labels, however, if a company chooses to designate their energy drink product a liquid dietary supplement, their product falls into a different category, and they’ll abide by the Nutrition Labeling & Education Act (NLEA).

The Food Drug & Cosmetic Act sets the regulatory & safety guidelines for energy drinks, it doesn’t require that caffeine amounts be listed on beverages of supplements.

The inconsistent manner of governmental oversight with respects to labeling laws, has benefited only the manufacturers. Although, caffeine is fine for most people in moderation. The risk to the human body increase when excessive amounts are consumed on a daily basis. So choose your caffeinated beverages wisely, and in moderation.


Further reading:

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