Health Benefits of Animal Companions

By LoRayne Haye M.S.

Animal love is one of the true gifts this life offers up.  I know when I had my two big black Labs, Mr. Shrimpy Scampi, and Buddy Blue, their unconditional love for me was boundless. This was especially appreciated during work and family stresses.  As this level of affection can be doubly soothing, by way of having a confidant that won’t speak harshly to you, or send you nasty texts or emails. Interesting that the U.S. government has even taken a position stand on how valuable pets are to human health:

“Animals have been demonstrated to improve human cardiovascular health, reduce stress, decrease loneliness and depression, and facilitate social interactions with others.”

A Few Benefits:
Reduced blood pressure
Reduced cardiovascular disease
Improved Mental Health & Well Being
Improved downtime from being ill
Less Social Isolation

From a nutrition perspective, anything that can reduce the burden of stress a person experiences, will benefit overall health and well being. When stress is reduced, better digestion takes place, therefore, the potential for higher absorption from what you eat is a win all the way around.

The only caution I would offer up is make sure you’re ready for the commitment, and have sufficient room to house any animal properly.

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